A Bugs Life

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THEME: A Bug’s Life

We are going to have lots of fun today!  A Bug’s Life is my most absolute favorite Pixar movie ever!  There are so many fun ways for us to get our day going!  My kiddo’s are usually ready before I am, with 5 times more energy than I have!  Just to have time to grab myself an extra cup of coffee (you will soon discover, I have an addiction), I pull out the coloring pages. They love to guess and predict what I have planned for them while they sit and color.


Below I have a link to a fantastic website to find just the right pictures for you!

A Bug’s Life Coloring Sheets

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:  (Something to get those little ones up and moving)

We are going on a bug hunt!  Previously I had stopped in at the Dollar Store and found little bug houses, butterfly nets, and magnifying glasses. I keep these things hidden in what I call my “fun box” until it’s time to use them.  The kids get so excited when I pull out the “fun box”,  it adds anticipation to our adventure.

Bug Catching Kits

Now we are ready! We went outside and walked and walked all over the camp in search of what little creatures we can find. I also had each of the kids collect a nice big leaf that we will use later for our craft.

IMG_0430 IMG_0460

What a great outing!! I was a little concerned that Princess might have an issue with bugs being gross-but NO! She enjoyed every second of it. We were very excited to get a closer look at this PINK moth/butterfly.


I went simple with our snack. Some cheeze-it crackers (a favorite of ours) and some gummy worms! If you want to take it up a notch you could do “ants on a log”, or “dirt cup pudding”. Go with what’s fun for them and easy for you!!!


CREATIVE ACTIVITY:  (make a craft, use our imagination)

What you will need:

  1. plain white piece of paper
  2. crayons
  3. green craft paint and small paintbrush
  4. decorative background paper
  5. glue stick
  6. black marker

I was so excited about this craft!  Remember the leaf we picked out during our bug hunt? Well let’s use that first!!  Place your leaf onto a table, and lay the white paper on top of it.  Now take your crayon and gently rub over the leaf.  The image of your leaf should appear onto your blank paper!  Even the smallest of child can do this task!

Next is the most fun part!!

IMG_0432With the green paint, paint those toes(just the toes)!!  Next, press those painted feet next to your leaf on the white paper.

IMG_0434Once the paint is dry, draw a little face and legs and antenna. Our cute little toes become a Caterpillar!!

Next we cut out our leaf and glued our caterpillar on it. We mounted them onto some colorful scrapbook paper. How stinkin cute are these little bugs?

IMG_0436 IMG_0437

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest from another blogger:

Check out her blog for lots more adorable ideas!


IMG_4456All you need is some sidewalk chalk, a flower pot and some plastic bug toys.

IMG_4431I found these bright colorful little plastic bugs at the Dollar Tree!  We started by drawing out a huge flower with sidewalk chalk.

IMG_4430Then we set the flower pot in the center of the flower. The goal is to see how many bugs you can get into the pot by tossing them from the bottom of the flower.

IMG_4449You can also modify this game to play indoors. I know this because when I was done and ready to go inside, my kids were having so much fun, they wanted to keep playing!!!  I call that a Mommy=WIN!!!

WATCH THE MOVIE: (Enjoy your quiet time)


Even if they’ve seen this movie 100 times, they have a new fresh excitement about it after spending the day with bug themed activities!!   Enjoy watching this adorable Pixar movie with your kids, or take some time for yourself:)  You are a great Mom! You have met your kids greatest need. The thing your kids need more than anything else is YOU.


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