Flag Football

Gather up your teenage kids and some of their friends.  We did this for my son’s 17th birthday, and was so….much…..fun!

This is not your average football game!

This is Flag Football…….with a twist!

To make things interesting, I tried an experiment.  Instead of using typical “flags” for our game, I filled water balloons with SHAVING CREAM!

Yes, shaving cream. It is possible. I’ll be honest, it is tricky to get these gems filled.  Be prepared to get a bit messy.  Trust me, it’s totally worth it!! Fill up ALOT, because you will go through them fast.

The idea is, the balloon takes the place of the flag. Instead of grabbing a players flag, you must pop their balloon.

We attached 2 balloons on each hip with hanger clips. (You know those white plastic clips that come on your hangers.)  They are pretty strong and did a good job of holding things together while running around. We found that you don’t really need the belt that comes with the flag football set, just attach to waistband of your pants.

Now, don’t worry if not everybody is a football lover.  They will find a way to have a good time!

Halftime Dance Team routine!

Make sure to include everyone! (cough:cough the little brother)

And don’t forget to take the time to DAB!

Be sure to have a food plan!  With Teenagers always plan food, and lots of it! We took our group out to 5 Guys.  Awesome burgers and the best fries!! Perfect follow up to our crazy game

The kids decided to make a No Phone rule. They started playing the old fashioned “telephone” game. It was so fun to watch them do this! I forgot how fun this game was!

We finished off the day around the fire pit. With couple guitars, and random buckets, and some talented kids, we had an impromptu jam session.



Taking things up a notch!

It’s hard enough to find fun things to keep our little kiddo’s busy!  Add a few years and they transition into pre-teens and teenagers!   Please don’t make the mistake of thinking, “well, they are older now….”  Kids at this age still need you! Especially if they can’t quite drive yet.  Trust me, an investment of time into your pre-teen will give you BIG rewards!

Don’t worry, I have some GREAT ideas for you to pass on to your kids that will be unique and inspire creativity and hours of laughter and fun!!



New Posts focused on your Tweens coming soon!!