Monsters University

THEME: Monsters University

It’s June!  Time for Graduation. My oldest child is graduating in 10 days!  I can’t believe it! For the last several months a reocurring topic in our house has been College. College prep, scholarship applications, college applications, visits, financial aide, etc.  My younger kids have been watching their big brother going through this process. I thought it would be fun to help them understand what he has been preparing for, by using Pixar’s Monsters University.

As I prepare my plan, I give them something to color.


Monsters Coloring Sheets

You can print lots of different coloring pages for FREE!




PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: (Something to get those little ones up and moving)

For our very own “Scare Games”, the kids played Monsters Dodge Ball, on the enclosed trampoline!


What makes this fit into our Monsters theme, is the Fuzzbies. Those are the colorful fuzzie balls!  (We keep a set of these awesome balls around because you never know when you need to toss a ball at somebody.) Each of these balls have a silly face on them

We found these at Walmart. The kid inside of my husband, insisted we get one of every color! And believe me, they have been fun!


Even fun for Teens!

SPECIAL SNACK:(To be eaten in moderation, these snacks are meant to be fun not healthy)

“Monster Bars”

This is your basic Rice Crispy Bars, with candy eye balls, and colorful sprinkles mixed in.

Melt 1/4 Cup butter with

25 Large Marshmallows

Mix in 5 1/2 Cups of Rice Crispy Cereal

Add sprinkles and eyes

Spread into 8X11 baking dish, let cool

This is a quick and easy treat that the kids can help make!  They really love helping. They felt so creative putting in the extra’s to make it monster-y.

CREATIVE ACTIVITY:  (make a craft, use our imagination)

Blow Paint Monsters!

Okay, if you want to get my kids excited…you tell them they get to paint something!

IMG_2244Just wait till you see how adorable these painted monsters are!

Start out with large drops of different colors, close together.

IMG_2240Next, hand your kids a straw! Have them blow into the straw to swirl the paint around.

Once the paint is dry you can add eyes and draw arms and legs! Seriously, how cute are these:


WATCH THE MOVIE: (Enjoy the quiet time!)

We are so ready now to enjoy this film! We are totally in the Monster mood! It’s great for my little kids knowing that soon we will be taking their brother to college.  It’s only a matter of time before they too will be grown and ready for the next stage in their life.  Take the time now.  As hard as it gets, as busy as life gets, remember what your kids need more than anything, is YOU.



How to Train Your Dragon

THEME: How to Train Your Dragon

In order to get the kids excited about our day, I started out with simple coloring pages. This gave us a chance to talk together about our plan for the day, and it’s a nice sit-still activity for them that allows me to get things ready for the rest of the day! The internet is full of awesome FREE coloring sheets.  Just use your google, you can also click the link below.

Coloring Sheets

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY(Something to get those little ones up and moving)

For our “How to Train Your Dragon” day, we were camping on the Oregon Coast.  I had planned on taking the kids out to fly kites on the beach, what could be more fun than running around on the beach chasing kites?


I purchased dragon shaped kites to go with our theme.  Kites are so easy to come by, and they don’t have to be expensive.  You can almost always find them at the dollar store. CLICK HERE For lots of Kite options

You don’t need a beach, just some wide open space, like a park, or football field, or even in your backyard.  For us, like I said, we were on the Oregon Coast. Which means, when we were ready to go out,  it was raining.  I had to quickly come up with a plan B.  Since I’m from Oregon, I know that at the coast rain is more of a probability than a possibility, so I did have a back up plan.

Rain Painting.

20130809-081142.jpg Rain painting is done by using washable markers to color shapes on a piece of paper.  Then you place your artwork outside in the rain. The rain will make the colors run together and create a fun natural masterpiece!

20130809-081342.jpgMy kids were very entertained just watching the rain splash down on their pictures. They were so excited to see how each of their pictures changed from getting rained on.


CREATIVE ACTIVITY:  (make a craft, use our imagination)

Super fun and easy craft, we made a “fire breathing dragon”.


What you need:

*paper cups *red party streamers (party decorations) *pom-poms  *glue, tape, and scissors

This craft is easy for little ones. First cut out the bottom of the paper cup. Next, cut the streamers into strips. Let the little ones tape the streamers around the inside of the wide end of the cup. This is your “fire”. Lastly glue 2 Pom-poms as “eyes” on the small end of the cup. That’s it! You can hold up your “dragon” to blow through the small end and watch the fire blow!


SPECIAL SNACK:  (Use in moderation, these snacks are meant to be fun, not healthy)

For our Dragon snacks we used red licorice as “Dragon Fangs”.  Red Doritos as our “Dragon Fire”. And red Kool-aide drinks to be “Dragon Fire Juice”.  The kids really had fun with our snack having the Dragon theme. And of course we played with our food;-)



“Hiccup Says”

Play just like the classic “Simon Says” only replace with “Hiccup Says”.   Hiccup is our hero from How to Train Your Dragon. Kids love this game!  Be sure to take turns so that you each get a chance to be Hiccup.

WATCH THE MOVIE: (Enjoy the quiet time!)


That’s right, set your kids in front of the TV, and don’t feel guilty at all!   You have earned an hour or two of down time.  Kids are much calmer, and more compliant when they are stimulated, exercised and paid attention to. You have shown your kids they are important, and that you enjoy being with them. Remember the thing that your kids want/need more than anything, is YOU.