Theme Day Activities

Each year my husband and 2 older boys work for a week at a summer camp on the Oregon Coast.  I was invited to come along to stay with my family.  It was a wonderful opportunity so I could stay close to my husband and be involved with what he was doing. The flip side is, I would spend a lot of the time in our trailer with my 3 year old and 7 year old. They were too young for most of the campers activities.


I knew I had to come up with lots of things for them to do, or I would go absolutely crazy within the first 15 minutes of being in a confined space.  I got a hold of the campers schedule and adjusted it to my little kiddo’s.  I decided to give them just as much fun as if they were a part of the camp.  It worked!!!

The first thing I did was pick out a Disney/Children’s movie, one for each day we would be there. That would be our Theme.

I structured each day with the following:

A SIT-DOWN quiet activity

A PHYSICAL activity. Something to get up, get out and use our energy!

A CREATIVE activity. Time to create, make a craft,  use our imagination.

A THEMED SNACK.  Kids need to re-fuel, (and snack time is a chance for Mommy to catch her breath.) I love this time to just talk with my kids and be silly with them.


and of course….time to watch the movie


This worked so well, my kids had such a blast. We ended the week with our corner of projects proudly displayed!

For us, we worked around the camp’s schedule. For you, you can make it work however you want. You can make it a day event, or break it up and do one activity each day and end the week with a big movie night!  The best part is, all the ideas and planning is done for you!!

My goal is encourage overwhelmed Mom’s (like me) with simple, fun, creative ideas to revive our Mommy energy and creativity!  So be sure to check back for new ideas, and share with your friends and other Mom’s!!

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