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Welcome! I’m so glad you are here to check out our FROZEN activity day!  If you are new to this website click here to find out what we are about and how we started!


Now let’s Play!!  Something to sit down with: Coloring!


Frozen Coloring Activity Pages

My son is finally old enough to be a camper!! Now it’s just me and my daughter. Naturally, Frozen is the perfect choice for a girls only day!




PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (something to get those little ones up and moving)

My goal here is to get out and MOVE!!  We are going to build an Ice Castle! Yes, just like Elsa!  This will require some prep. I took several Styrofoam cups, filled them with water and put into the freezer.  I also happened to have balloons, that I also filled with water and put into the freezer.

We found a couple little friends to build with!  The kids peeled off the Styrofoam from around what is now an ice block.  I helped them cut the balloons off, which made perfect balls of ice.   Now it’s up to them to create an ice castle!

Now before I can show you the end result, we have to move into our craft.  I hadn’t planned on combining these activities, but it just went together so well.  It was perfect!

CREATIVE ACTIVITY: (Make a craft, use our imagination)

Making “snow”


Did you know that you can mix Baking Soda, with Conditioner?

3 parts baking soda to 1 part conditioner. It makes a powdery substance, that looks and behaves like snow.  It’s light and fluffy, yet pliable enough to make into snowballs!

Make sure to use a WHITE colored conditioner. I choose coconut.  Our snow, had a delightful tropical smell.



Fabulous “ice castle” and giggling, creating, entertained, happy kids!


Oh! I almost forgot to share the most important thing:  IT’S MESSY!!!!

Please don’t be afraid to make a mess.  A little, (or a lot) of Baking Soda paste can be cleaned up. Isn’t it worth it to share those giggles?

SPECIAL SNACK: (To be eaten in moderation. These snacks are meant to be fun, not healthy)

We just had Otter Pops.

Hey, they are frozen and delicious!


WATCH THE MOVIE: (Enjoy the quiet time!)

Frozen is such a popular Disney movie, there are thousands of fun activities out there!  Share one of your ideas in the comments section.  I would love to hear how you and your kids are playing together.